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Curriculum Structure of Precision Electronic Components

Semester One‑out‑of‑two Compulsory Courses on Each Semester for Grad 1 Students Three‑out‑of‑seven Elective Courses on the First Semester for Grad 1 Students and One-out-of-three on the Second Semester
First Semester Materials Science Electronic Ceramics Ceramic Materials and Processes Materials Analysis
Measurements and Circuit Design of Passive Devices Polymer Materials Thin-Film Engineering and Characterization
Essential Knowledge for Semiconductor Engineers
Selected Topics on MEMS Devices and Technology    
Second Semester Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Factory Management Introduction to Passive Components Five Core Tools and Process Audit Practices in the Automotive Industry
Multilayer Ceramic Devices      
Program 27 Credits of Compulsory Internship Courses for Grad 1 to 3 Students Notes
Internship in the Passive Components Group, Institute of Precision Electronic Components
  • Grad 1: Internship in Introduction to Principle and Application of Resistor, Internship in Basic Theory of Ceramic Dielectric Materials
  • Grad 2: Internship in Introduction of LC Resonance Circuit by LTCC Process, Internship in Introduction of MLCC Manufacture Process (Level 1), Internship in Introduction of MLCC Manufacture Process (Level 2), Internship in Introduction to the synthesis of Ceramic Powder, Internship in Introduction of Product Lifecycle Management/ Product Launch Management
  • Grad 3: Internship in Analysis of Microstructure and Defects of Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors, Internship in Reliability Test and Standard Documents for Resistor
  • Two Courses Delivered on the Second Semester for Grad 1
  • Five Courses Delivered for Grad 2 (2 for Each Semester and One for Summer Semester
  • One Course Delivered on Each Semester for Grad 3
  • Three Credits for Each Course
Internship in the Electronic Components and Equipment Group, Institute of Precision Electronic Components
  • Grad 1: Internship in Statistics and Experimental Design, Internship in Laser Processing Application and Industrial Process Design
  • Grad 2: Internship in Quality Engineering and Reliability Engineering, Internship in Polymer Processing Implementation, Internship in Thermistor and Varistor Manufacturing and Application, Internship in Mechanical Design and Engineering Drawing, Internship in High Frequency Testing and Related Material Application
  • Grad 3: Internship in Engineering Mechanics, Internship in Patent Basic Knowledge and Application Practice
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