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College of Semiconductor and Advanced Technology Research

In order to fill the gap of scientific and technological talents needed for the development of Taiwan's key industries and enhance international competitiveness, the Executive Yuan convened relevant ministries to ease regulations and formulated the "National Key Fields Industry-University Cooperation and Skilled Personnel". NSYSU, in line with the government policy,formulated an innovative mechanism for cultivating scientific and technological talents in national key industries, with a faculty team of academic and industry experts to jointly formulate curriculum plans and corporate research topics geared toward reducing the gap between knowledge and practice. The pragmatic approach has won the approval from many benchmark companies in Kaohsiung that have agreed to invest hundreds of millions of NT dollars in the cultivation of scientific and technological talents. After deliberation at the inter-ministerial meeting held by the Ministry of Education, the establishment of the "College of Semiconductor and Advanced Technology Research" at NSYSU was approved on January 10, 2022, completing the final piece of the puzzle in the National Key Areas Research Colleges for the entire semiconductor industry chain, aimed to further strengthen the leading position and sustainable competitiveness of Taiwan’s “semiconductor packaging and testing” and “electronic components” industries in the international market.