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About the Institute (Institute of Precision Electronic Components)

Taiwan's Electronic components industry leads globally, with an annual output value of about 1.5 trillion NT$. In recent years, the problem of declining birthrate has seriously affected the continuous expansion of the nation's key semiconductor industries. In response to the policies of the Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Education, NSYSU proposed an innovative industry talent training mechanism and was reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Education to establish the "College of Semiconductor and Advanced Technology Research" and under it the "Institute of Precision Electronic Components", the Institute will reinstitute "Passive components" and "Electronic Components and Equipment". The Institute plans to recruit and cultivate 40 master`s degree students in the Electronic components industry technology talents every year, and will recruit doctoral graduate students and overseas students according to the needs of the industry in the future, to further strengthen the leading position and sustainable competitiveness of Taiwan’s electronic components industry in the international market.

The Institute adopts an innovative industry-academia co-education method of vertically/horizontally integrating the needs of the industry chain and "1 year of university teaching + 2 years of corporate practice and research internship". A faculty team of professors and industry experts will jointly formulate a curriculum plan to meet the industry’s development needs and technical research topics. Partner enterprises will provide practice locations (including advanced equipment and instruments) and participate in the joint guidance of students. In addition, students will be able to combine academic learning and practical application (1 year of university teaching + 2 years of corporate practice and research internship).  Students will also be able to apply for a corporate sponsored financial aid of nearly 1 million NT$ in total that will greatly reduce the financial burden of students.  Upon graduation, students can be matched with the relevant industry career of their choice (graduation means employment). NSYSU is actively fulfilling its social responsibilities by cultivating talents needed for the development of the semiconductor industry in Kaohsiung area and at national level.  The University expects to attract more young people to settle in Kaohsiung and become part of the national team of Taiwan's semiconductor and key technology industries.

Through the above-mentioned innovative industry talent training mechanism, it is expected that the professional ability training of students can fully meet the needs of the development of national key industries, fill the gap of scientific and technological talents in Taiwan's semiconductor packaging and testing industry to maintain its international leading position. At the same time, it can also strengthen the breadth and depth of industry-academia cooperation between the University and local major enterprises, thereby elevating the efficiency of the University's technological research and development achievements, resulting in a win-win situation for the country, the industry, the University, and the students. NSYUS is grateful to the Ministry of Education for approving and subsidizing nearly 50% of the funds from the National Development Council, and five benchmark partner enterprises (YAGEO Corporation, Laser Tek Taiwan Ltd., WinWay Technology, Thinking Electronic Industrial and TAIFLEX Scientific) for jointly contributing more than 50% of the funds.