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About the Institute (Institute of Innovative Semiconductor Manufacturing)

Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing industry is in the world leading position. The production revenue was 2.2 trillion NT Dollars in 2022. Declining birthrate in recent years has seriously affected the continuous expansion of the national key semiconductor industries. In response to the policies of the Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Education, NSYSU proposed an innovative industry talent work force training innovative mechanism, which was reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Education to establish the College of Semiconductor and Advanced Technology Research and within it formed the Institute of Innovative Semiconductor Manufacturing starting from 112 academic-year. The institute plans to cultivate 25 students in master's degree and 5 students in doctoral degree every year. The study program is similar to regular master's and PhD degrees, 2-year for master and 4-year for PhD, but there is a special training program at collaborate corporate world class training center in the summer before the first semester. This experience will provide students a complete picture of advanced semiconductor manufacture science and technology, which is very helpful to students’ research and career in the future 

To consolidate semiconductor manufacturing and academic cooperation, the faculty is teamed up university professors with industrial experienced masters, curriculum and the technical research topics is designed to meet the industries development need. The cooperate enterprises provide practical training, includes location, advanced equipment and instruments, and also the mentoring team to students. NSYSU is actively fulfilling its social responsibilities by cultivating talents needed for the development of the innovative semiconductor manufacturing industry in Kaohsiung and at national level. The university expects to have more young people to settle in Kaohsiung and become members in Taiwan innovative semiconductor manufacturing national team. 

The institute especially focuses on students’ professional skills. Students are expected to be trained and equipped with professional skills, which can fully meet the development needs of the national key industries, be employed upon graduation to fill up the existing shortage of scientific and technological talents in Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing industries. Through the above-mentioned industry-university talent cultivation innovative mechanism, our college are expected to strengthen the breadth and depth of university-industrial collaboration, furthermore, improve the technological research effectiveness and efficiency, and create a win-win situation for the country, industry, university and students. Special thanks to the Ministry of Education for approving, the subsidizing funds from the National Development Council, and TSMC for jointly contributing financial support to the institute talent work force education program.