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Curriculum Structure of Advanced Semiconductor Packaging and Testing

Semester One‑out‑of‑two Compulsory Courses on Each Semester for Grad 1 Students Two‑out‑of‑eight Elective Courses on Each Semester for Grad 1 Students
First Semester Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Applied Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials Intelligent Manufacturing and Control Practices Materials Science
Polymer Materials Selected Topics on MEMS Devices and Technology System-level Static Electricity and Electromagnetic Interference
Essential Knowledge for Semiconductor Engineers
Microwave Circuit and System Product Analysis  
Second Semester Design and Testing for System Circuit Electrical Measurement and Analysis of Semiconductor Devices Application of Laser Micro-Micromachining in Electronic Packaging High-Speed and High Frequency Circuit Simulation and Measurement
Image Recognition Organic Semiconductor Materials and Devices Engineering Statistics and Quality Management
Structural Design and Process of Advanced Electronic Packaging Technology
Semiconductor Optoelectronics Quality System and Quality Improvement  
Program 27 Credits of Compulsory Internship Courses Delivered for Grad 1 to 3 Students Notes
Internship in the Institute of Advanced Semicondu-ctor Packaging and Testing
  • Grad 1:Semiconductor Process and Development Tendency, Applied Statistics
  • Grad 2:Problem Analysis and Solving Tools, Professional Courses and Applications (Level 1) - Professional Teaching, Five Core Tool Applications, Professional Courses and Applications (Level 2) - Project Planning and Execution, ATV Device Practice
  • Grad 3:Professional Courses and Applications (Level 3) - Acceptance and Planning / Project Reporting(I), Professional Courses and Applications (Level 3) -Acceptance and Planning / Project Reporting(II)
  • Two out of Four Courses for Grad 1 on the Second Semester
  • Five Courses for Grad 2 (Two for Each Semester and One for Summer Semester
  • One Course on Each Semester for Grad 3
  • Three Credits for Each Course
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